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Fierce Whiskers Distillery


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Whiskey Made With Large Expectations

Fierce Whiskers

Texas Straight Rye

Aged two years, 18-barrel blend featuring a #3 char on the barrel. Brasetto Rye with a 5% Malted Rye in the mash bill.

Fierce Whiskers

Texas Straight Bourbon

Aged three years, 18-barrel blend. Wheated Bourbon in char #3 barrels (20% wheat in the mash bill).

A True Whiskey Is Born

When you think of premium whiskey, you probably don’t think of Austin, Texas. We’re bound and determined to change that. With a ruthless commitment to quality and our Texas Tight Cut—the tightest cut possible—we’re out to prove that a truly great American whiskey can come from a truly unexpected place.

“Austin is an inconsiderable village with large expectations… Full of discharged ‘rangers’, costumes of every variety, fierce whiskers, gaming, and drinking — very abounding in all quarters.”


19th U.S. President, Rutherford B. Hayes, 1849

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