Barrel Club Membership


Barrel Club. The final destination for the whiskey enthusiast. The place where devotees of the golden good can come to rest their head and live in whiskey bliss. 

Barrel Club Members will enjoy:

  • Quarterly private tastings 
  • 20% discount for members + four friends 
  • One free ticket to redeem at a Chef’s dinner of your choice + priority access to ticket sales
  • Special Barrel Club branded copper bar set + bar bag 
  • Private bottling experience + specially branded bottle for our 2023 release
  • VIP experience at our 2023 launch party
  • $1,000 buy in, $400 to renew

How much? 

$1000. This buys you a Barrel Club membership for 1 year, with the option to renew for $400 annually to continue receiving exclusive tastings, parties, and other perks. 

How can you sign up? 

Add this to your cart and join our ranks.