The Whiskeys

Greatness Through Stubbornness

Step 1

quality ingredients

It all starts with the mash. A combination of locally grown corn combined with malted barley is the base of our Bourbon. It’s critical that we source and utilize the highest quality ingredients for the highest quality whiskey.

Step 2

distilling down to a science

We approach making whiskey in both new and old ways. By learning from those who came before us and introducing our own techniques, such as leveraging the extreme atmospheric conditions, we’re able to produce the perfect barrel deep in the heart of Texas.

Step 3

greatness takes time

Greatness demands care, passion, and most importantly time. We let our Bourbon age for roughly 4 years before we get it ready to be bottled. Letting our whiskey age in Oak barrels for years at a time not only helps give it it's distinctive coloring but also that rich flavor.

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